About Blackoute

What is Blackoute?

There are so many things happening in the black community that the media doesn’t tell you about, it’s embarrassing (and sad). Black people needed a trustable source to find out about all the things we care about in once place, nicely organized and not looking like it was built in 1975.

Meet Blackoute. Blackoute is a privately-funded all-encompassing news platform for all things related to the black community only. During your time on our site, you may laugh, you may cry, and everything in between. We find and deliver you fresh content from all over the world on a daily basis. Just like with our history, trusting other platforms to keep us informed is silly — and now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.


What ISN’T Blackoute?

We are not:

  • Politically-affiliated
  • Sponsored
  • Funded by any political/pseudo-political organization
  • A newspaper
  • A magazine

COVID-19 & Black America

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